Supporting your child's mental health

We fellow Victorians have just gone into our 4th lockdown so it seemed like the perfect time to visit Children's mental health. Lockdown is tough on everyone and we've come up with a few little reminders of simple ways you can support your child's mental health needs during this time.

1. Sleep

The importance of sleep can not go unmentioned. Children need adequate amounts of sleep to ensure their body can relax, re-build and to manage stress and moods. Most school age children need 9-12 hours a night.

2. Good food

Healthy eating is important to help manage emotions and behavior. Its also important to remember immune boosting foods to help keep bodies strong to fight off any nasty germs. Think citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, turmeric, spinach and almonds.

3. Exercise

Children need a minimum of 60 minutes active play a day to help improve mood and grow healthy, strong bodies. It doesn't have to be anything structured just encouraging them to move their body. Especially those of us homeschooling and sitting in the same positions all day. Bike rides, walks, hopscotch, ball sports anything that gets them moving.

4. Support, praise and encourage

The point of this in supporting mental health is to show your child how to talk and think positively about themselves. Praise nurtures your child's confidence and sense of self. Praise also shows your child which kinds of behaviors are acceptable.

5. Regular nature breaks

Nature breaks provide a change in environment for our children. Fresh air, new sounds and new feels. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem-solving, and life education. Interacting with natural environments allows children to learn by doing and experiment with ideas.