Meet the founder

Meet the founder, Kylie Keher. Above and beyond anything in my life I am firstly a mother of 6. I love raising a healthy, active family and I'm always looking for ways to improve our health and our lifestyles. When looking at what to do with my career, after lots of brain storming, it just made sense to me that I would create a space to come to for family health education and to find the latest and greatest products available on the market to improve our lives.

So the Thriving Family Store was created. I've combined my love of family health with my love of retail to create this great space for busy families to get simple advice and find the right products for them.

My favourite quote that often comes up along my parenting journey is "those that are hardest to love, need to be loved the hardest." I love this quote so much and every time I'm struggling with one of the children's behaviours I always come back to it. It just reminds me to give the child in question some extra loving until the behaviour improves.